SPA’s Car Wash tunnel provides the finest cleaning results for your vehicle anywhere in the region. We’re the area leader because our tunnel configuration, wash equipment and machinery, and chemicals have been optimized to deep clean your vehicle every time you visit.

We are a full service, soft cloth car wash – you exit your vehicle at the entrance to our tunnel and we vacuum the car – then it is automatically processed through the tunnel, where lots of detergents are applied, soft cloth mitters (the blue spongy material) clean the vehicle through gentle agitation, and then water blasters remove dirt and grime.

SPA also features the area’s best equipment for cleaning alloy, chrome, and mag wheels – scrubbers and blasters you can’t find in any other tunnel in the area – this is a very important feature given the huge number of foreign vehicles we wash that produce dirty brake dust.

We can apply polishes and RainX, and we use a rinse agent on every vehicle to eliminate spotting. As the vehicle emerges from the tunnel our staff final dries the car with microfiber towels, wipes windows with lint-free surgical towels, and based on your wash selection, either turns the car back to you or relocates the vehicle for additional services at our detailing bay.

We invite you to review all the features of our wash packages, and also all of our purchase options, which are all accessible by clicking the buttons at the top of this page. You can make purchases here online or in our lobby!

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