Matt Brach Ed Haas Chris Debbas Jimmy Griffiths
Our management team is a seasoned group of business professionals with recognized experience in a wide range of industries. They are principals of Julip Run Capital, a Berwyn based private equity firm who, over fifteen years together, have successfully built and managed numerous business enterprises.

Chris Debbas

Chris serves as President and CEO of SPA. Chris focuses on sales and marketing, customer service, and strategy development for the business. He is also the Senior Partner of Julip Run Capital, a Berwyn based private equity firm that is the primary owner of SPA. He has over twenty-five years of business experience in a variety of industries including information technology, health care, accounts receivable management, supply chain management, aviation, customer relationship management, and market research. Chris currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Managers of ACCT Holdings, LLC, a $150+ million U.S. based outsource provider of customer relationship management services that services money center banks and telecom providers throughout the U.S. Chris lives in Devon and has two daughters.

Jimmy Griffiths

Jimmy is SPA’s Chief Financial Officer. Jimmy is responsible for handling all of the financial management aspects of the business. He is the Managing Partner of Julip Run Capital and has over 20 years of experience in areas of finance and accounting, financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions and operations. Prior to founding JRC, Jimmy was a Partner of JRC’s predecessor company, CD Ventures, LLC, a private equity firm that specialized in building large scale businesses in fragmented service industries. During his 14 years in private equity at CD Ventures, he co-founded seven platform companies and co-led the successful acquisition of over 55 businesses while leading diligence on over 60 other companies. He participated in raising over $900 million of capital while at CD Ventures. Jimmy currently serves as CFO ACCT Holdings, LLC. He lives in Chester Springs with wife and three sons.

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