We are active members of the local Mainline community and we stand ready to help local groups and charitable organizations in furtherance of their mission. We understand how difficult it is to secure adequate funding and we have a variety of campaigns or programs we offer depending upon your specific circumstances. We offer 3 alternatives:

The PRE-SELL Program: Your members go out and take orders for wash tickets (pre-sell) and collect money – after all the money is collected ($17 per ticket for our full service wash) – you pay us $12 per ticket, keeping $5 per ticket for your group. We then provide you with the tickets that you then distribute to the customers who purchased them!
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The DIRECT-SELL Program: We provide you with up to 200 tickets that your members then go out and sell. You have 30 days to sell the tickets – at the end of the program you pay us $12 for each sold tickets (you sold for $17), keeping $5 per ticket for your group and you return any that were unsold. This program requires a credit card guarantee to be on file.
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The OPEN TICKET Program: We produce 200 tickets of your custom design, which you then distribute. When someone redeems the ticket here at SPA paying $17 for our FULL SERVICE WASH, we pay you $5. This program can run for up to 90 days. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can distribute, but you are responsible for the cost of producing the tickets in excess of 200.
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Regardless of the Program you choose, we custom design a ticket specifically for your group! Also, we can provide you with your own URL that links directly to your ticket on our website, enablling people to purchase YOUR specific ticket ONLINE, allowing you to promote your program via Facebook and other online channels!

Please feel free to come in to discuss your needs or use the Ask Us Tell Us button here on our website. We require that the organizations we support have some form of non-profit status or verifiable affiliation, and we ask that organizations limit their requests to once per year.
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