SPA is located at 734 Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. The business was established in 1991 by the owners of Keystone Volvo (see SPA’s History), who custom designed and built a state-of-the-art facility expressly for washing and detailing automobiles. The 100+ ft wash tunnel and four bay detailing garage have stood the test of time and remain unique in the region even today. SPA is the only local, full service, soft cloth car wash with the equipment and resident expertise to keep your car in tip top condition with just routine visits. From our industrial compressors, to our wheel scrubbing and wheel blasting equipment, no other company can clean and maintain your vehicle like SPA. SPA is:

Easy To Access – We’re located at the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Bridge Streets and Old Lancaster Avenue – you can enter our facility from both directions of Lancaster Avenue and exit in either direction as well.

Technically Advanced – SPA’s car wash tunnel features ECOLAB products (including RainX) which have superior cleaning performance and are environmentally friendly. We have ultra-high pressure blasters to clean your undercarriage, rocker panels and wheels, and we can program the tunnel to process vehicles at variable speeds to help reduce waiting times during peak periods!

IT Savy – SPA has invested in the latest Point of Sale (POS) technology – customer information tracking technology - to simplify your experience when you visit us. Extensive use of bar codes, touch screens, and automated features will speed up vehicle and payment processing. This system features tracking software to record your wash and detail visits, and it enables us to communicate with you as you prefer -to alert you to special offers, provide you with reminders, and just say thanks for coming in! >
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